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An non-official guide on the Expressway system

U.S. Shields


Interstates Highway


Interstate Highway

Shown: Interstate 95


Interstate Highway, 3-digit variant

Shown: Interstate 695

I-80 (CA).svg

Interstate Highway, state-name variant

Shown: Interstate 80 in California

I-H1 (HI).svg

Hawaii Interstate Highway

Shown: Interstate H-1

I-H201 (HI).svg

Hawaii Interstate Highway, thin font variant

Shown: Interstate H-201

I-A1 (AK).svg

Alaska Interstate Highway (hypothetical)

Shown: Interstate A-1

I-PRI1 (PR).svg

Puerto Rico Interstate Highway (hypothetical)


Business Loop 96.svg

Business Loop Highway

Shown: Interstate 96 Business (Lansing, Michigan)

Business Spur 75.svg

Business Spur Highway

Shown: Interstate 75 Business (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan)


U.S. Route

US 20.svg

United States Numbered Highways

Shown: U.S. Route 20

US 6 (CA).svg

United States Numbered Highways, California variant

Shown: U.S. Route 6 in California

US 66 Arizona 1926.svg

United States Numbered Highways, Old Style variant

Shown: U.S. Route 66 in Arizona

US 25E.svg

Suffixed United States Numbered Highways

Shown: U.S. Route 25E

US 66 (historic).svg

Historic United States Numbered Highways

Shown: Historic U.S. Route 66

Historic US 99 (CA).svg

Historic United States Numbered Highways, California variant

Shown: Historic U.S. Route 99 in California

Business plate.svg
US 1.svg

Business Route

Shown: U.S. Route 1 Business

By-pass plate.svg
US 60.svg

Bypass Route

Shown: U.S. Route 60 Bypass

US 1 Business (MD).svg

Business Route, Maryland variant

Shown: U.S. Route 1 Business in Maryland

Truck plate.svg

US 9.svg

Truck Route

Shown: U.S. Route 9 Truck

Alternate plate.svg

US 40.svg

Alternate Route

Shown: U.S. Route 40 Alternate

Scenic US 412.svg

Scenic Route

Shown: U.S. Route 412 Scenic


Generic route

Baldwin County Route 64 AL.svg

Generic county route

Shown: County Route 64 in Baldwin County, Alabama

St Louis County Route 7 MN.svg

Generic county route (Alternate shield)

Shown: County Route 7 in St. Louis County, Minnesota

Forest Route 16.svg

Generic Forest Highway

Shown: Forest Highway 16

Indian Route 18.svg

Generic Indian Route

Shown: Indian Route 18

US Bike 76 (M1-9).svg

Generic U.S. Bicycle Route

Shown: U.S. Bicycle Route 76

US Bike 13 (M1-8).svg

Generic numbered bicycle route

Shown: Bicycle Route 13


State highways and other similar systems

Many state highway markers are designed to suggest the geographic shape of the state or some other state symbol such as its flag. Most of the others are generically rectangular or some other neutral shape. The default design for state highway markers is the circular highway shield.

Alabama 5.svg

State Routes in Alabama

Shown: State Route 5

Alaska 1 shield.svg

Alaska Routes

Shown: Alaska Route 1

Arizona 89.svg

State Route in Arizona

Shown: State Route 89

Arkansas 87.svg

State Highway in Arkansas

Shown: State Highway 87

California 1.svg

State Route in California

Shown: State Route 1

Colorado 62.svg

State Highways in Colorado

Shown: State Highway 62

Connecticut Highway 15.svg

Routes in Connecticut

Shown: Route 15

Elongated circle 1.svg

State Routes in Delaware

Shown: State Route 1


District of Columbia Routes

Shown: District of Columbia Route 295

Florida 60.svg

State Roads in Florida

Shown: State Road 60

Toll Florida 417.svg

State Roads in Florida, tolled

Shown: State Road 417

Georgia 5.svg

State Route in Georgia

Shown: State Route 5


Route in Hawaii

Shown: Route 76


State Highway in Idaho

Shown: State Highway 1

Illinois 53.svg

Illinois Route

Shown: Illinois Route 53

Indiana 37.svg

State Roads in Indiana

Shown: State Road 37

Iowa 92.svg

State Highway in Iowa*

Shown: Iowa Highway 92


State Highway in Kansas*

Shown: K-99

Circle sign 1.svg

State Highway in Kentucky*

Shown: State Highway 1

Louisiana 3234.svg

State Highway in Louisiana*

Shown: Louisiana Highway 3234

MA Route 9.svg

State Route in Maine

Shown: State Route 9

MD Route 2.svg

Maryland state highway

Shown: Maryland Route 2

MA Route 24.svg

Route in Massachusetts

Shown: Route 24


State Trunkline in Michigan

Shown: M-28


Highway in Minnesota

Shown: Highway 55

Circle sign 1.svg

Highway in Mississippi

Shown: Mississippi Highway 1


Route in Missouri

Shown: Route 43


Route in Missouri, supplemental variant

Shown: Route M


Highway in Montana

Shown: Montana Highway 80


Secondary Highway in Montana

Shown: Montana Secondary Highway 326


State Highway in Nebraska

Shown: Nebraska Highway 2

Nevada 28.svg

State Route in Nevada

Shown: State Route 28

NH Route 16.svg

New Hampshire Route

Shown: New Hampshire Route 16

Circle sign 33.svg

Route in New Jersey

Shown: Route 33

New Mexico 14.svg

State Highway in New Mexico*

Shown: New Mexico State Road 14


Route in New York

Shown: New York State Route 7

Bronx River Pkwy Shield.svg

Parkway in New York City and Upstate New York[2]

Shown: Bronx River Parkway

Meadowbrook Pkwy Shield.svg

Parkway on Long Island, New York

Shown: Meadowbrook Parkway

NC 3.svg

State Highway in North Carolina

Shown: North Carolina Highway 3

North Dakota 23.svg

State Highways in North Dakota*

Shown: State Highway 23


State Route in Ohio

Shown: State Route 2

Oklahoma State Highway 1.svg

State Highway in Oklahoma, new shield

Shown: State Highway 1

Circle sign 1.svg

State Highway in Oklahoma, old shield

Shown: State Highway 1

OR 3.svg

Route in Oregon

Shown: Oregon Route 3


Pennsylvania State Traffic Route

Shown: Pennsylvania Route 8

PA QR 3032.svg

Quadrant Route in Pennsylvania

Shown: State Route 3032 (Dauphin County)

Pennsylvania Turnpike logo.svg

Pennsylvania Turnpike System


Tolled State Routes in Pennsylvania

Shown: PA Turnpike 576

Rhode Island 3.svg

Route in Rhode Island

Shown: Route 3

South Carolina 6.svg

State Highway in South Carolina, new shield

Shown: South Carolina Highway 6

SD 10.svg

State Highway in South Dakota

Shown: South Dakota Highway 10

Tennessee 14.svg State Route in Tennessee

Shown: State Route 14

Secondary Tennessee 14.svg Secondary State Route in Tennessee

Shown: Secondary State Route 14

Texas 6.svg State Highway in Texas

Shown: State Highway 6

Toll Texas 121.svg

State Highway in Texas, tolled

Shown: State Highway 121

Texas Loop 1.svg

State Highway Loop in Texas

Shown: Loop 1

Texas Spur 366.svg

State Highway Spur in Texas

Shown: Spur 366

Texas Beltway 8.svg

State Beltway in Texas

Shown: Texas Beltway 8

Texas FM 1960.svg

Farm to Market Road in Texas

Shown: Farm to Market Road 1960

Texas RM 2243.svg Ranch to Market Road in Texas

Shown: Ranch to Market Road 2243

Texas Park Road 5.svg Park Road in Texas

Shown: Park Road 5

Texas Recreational Road 2.svg

Recreational Road in Texas

Shown: Recreational Road 2

Texas NASA Road 1.svg

State NASA Road in Texas

Shown: NASA Road 1

Texas OSR.svg

Old San Antonio Road in Texas

Shown: Texas OSR the first road in Texas

Utah SR 12.svg

State Route in Utah

Shown: State Route 12

Vermont 15.svg

Vermont Route

Shown: Vermont Route 15

Circle sign 35.svg

Vermont Route, "state numbered town highway" variant

Shown: Locally maintained Vermont Route 35

Virginia 7.svg

Virginia State Route

Shown: State Route 7

Circle sign 7100.svg

Virginia State Highway, secondary or frontage state highway

Shown: State Route 7100


State Route in Washington

Shown: State Route 9


Primary State Highways in Washington

Shown: PSH 1


Secondary State Highways in Washington

Shown: SSH 1U


West Virginia Route*

Shown: West Virginia Route 46


West Virginia County Route

Shown: County Route 5

WIS 32 no arrows.svg

Wisconsin State Trunk Highway

Shown: State Trunk Highway 32

WIS County Z.svg

Wisconsin County Trunk Highway

Shown: County Trunk Highway Z


State Highway in Wyoming*

Shown: Wyoming Highway 24


Territorial Highways

American Samoa Highway 001.svg

American Samoa Highway*

Shown: Territorial Route 001

Guam route marker 8.svg

Guam Highways*

Shown: Guam Highway 8

PR primary 1.svg

Puerto Rico Highway

Shown: Puerto Rico Highway 1

PR urban primary 1.svg

Puerto Rico Highway, Urban primary variant

Shown: Puerto Rico Highway 1

PR secondary 139.svg

Puerto Rico Highway, Secondary variant

Shown: Puerto Rico Highway 139

PR tertiary 301.svg

Puerto Rico Highway, Tertiary variant

Shown: Puerto Rico Highway 3

Circle sign 10.svg

U.S. Virgin Islands Highway*

Shown: U.S. Virgin Islands Highway 10
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